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Spying scandals force reshuffle in Rwanda’s spy machinery.

15 Juillet 2011 , Rédigé par Editions Sources du Nil Publié dans #Actualités

Maneko Mukuru

Source: Umuvugizi

Chief Spy sacked after frustrating International Terrorism efforts of his boss!

After the controversial suspension of the Rwanda Convention in the United Kingdom which was scheduled for this month over the leaked Rwandan spy-network in the country, Rwanda’s President Paul Kagame in his capacity as the Commander in-Chief has reshuffled his intelligence machinery.

This comes after the British intelligence services warned Rwanda against reports of having a network of hit men that target the opposition politicians living on the British soil with intension of killing them.

Rwandan government had accused the British Intelligence of being unprofessional basing its allegation on uninformed sources. After the British proved to the President that the information was indeed credible, Mr. Kagame denied his knoledge on this diplomatic Incidence and  promised to punish those who spoil the name of the country. The reshuffle in the Rwandan intelligence proves the president’s commitment to repair the damage caused by his Intelligence officers .

The Wednesday reshuffle saw the sacking of the chief spy Col. Dr Emmanuel Ndahiro who has headed the intelligence machinery for years being replaced by  Major General Emmanuel Karenzi Karake while Lt Col Gatete Karuranga was replaced by Col. Dan Munyuza as the Director of External Security  replacing Colonel Doctor Emmanuel Ndahiro.

Brigadier General Richard Rutatina is the new Head of J2- Military Intelligence while Col. Tom Byabagamba is the head of the Counter Terrorism unit in the Ministry of Defence and RDF, Captain Patrick Karuretwa replaced Brig. Gen Rutatina as the Defence and Security Advisor to the President.

The losers in the reshuffle
The reshuffle comes as a punishment to Col Dr Emmanuel Ndahiro and Lt. Col Gateete who frustrated the Commander in-Chief’s international terrorism efforts when they failed the missions in South Africa, US and Europe.
Winners .

Col.  Dan Munyuza was rewarded for trying to finish Kagame’s enemies like during the failed assassination of the renegade General Kayumba and failed plots on Col. Patrick Karegeya as has been heard on recorded conversations in this newspaper. Audio voice of President Kagame\’s killing squad!

Captain Patrick Karuretwa who is also an in-law to Col Ndahiro is said to have been rewarded for keeping trusted security guard to the first daughter Ange Kagame. With exception of Gen Rutatina and Gen Kamanzi others from Gen Kabarebe, Lt Gen Kayonga Charles, Brig Gen Kazura Jean Bosco and  Col Dr Emmanuel Ndahiro  have been presidential guards.

Prior to his appointment, Maj. Gen Karenzi, who replaces Col. Dr. Emmanuel Ndahiro, was the head of the Rwanda Military Academy-Nyakinama, an appointment he got after serving some time in prison. He was the Commander of the UNAMID before Nyakinama assignment.

Those close to the Kagame’s intelligence network see the appointment of Gen. Karenzi a chief spy as trying to keep him close to his boss since he is known for his divergent views on RPF security operations which are always seen as being sympathetic to those opposed to Kagame’s ideology.

Therefore his heading the spy-network puts him at spotlight for close monitoring that any divergence can lead to a crime that can justify his imprisonment and end of his career.

Attached is the recorded conversation of Col. Dan Munyuza in the plot to assassinate reneged col. Patrick Karegeya

Audio Voice of Head of President\’s Kagame\’s Killing Squad

Kagabo, London.

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