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victoire Ingabire = Alice Lakwena

25 Mai 2010 , Rédigé par Editions Sources du Nil Publié dans #Rwanda: élections 2010

Le dictateur Paul Kagame ne recule devant rien pour salir la réputation de Victoire Ingabire



Daily Monitor: The election seems to be a straightforward affair. Do you feel that it is simply a referendum on your regime?

Paul Kagame: There are people going to stand. There are other candidates [from] parties that are allied to us that have decided to front their candidates. And I respect that. It is healthy. It will make it more lively and competitive. They have occupied their better place than being always tied with us or even than allowing the likes of Ingabires to occupy the vacuum.
For just exercising some argument, imagine if Alice Lakwena was still alive and she offered herself as a presidential candidate in Uganda! I wonder if the laws and rules would have let her be. This whole attitude, I link it to how people see us; [that] the Ingabires and Lakwenas are African leaders, fit to lead Africa… We should have better people coming up as opposition. Let opposition or the ones in power be the right people, the right Africans to compete for power and to help the countries move forward. I find it cynical and sarcastic for Africa to be reduced to this.

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