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Rwandans Attempt to Block Kagame in USA

1 Mai 2010 , Rédigé par Editions Sources du Nil Publié dans #Justice et Droits de l'homme

The visit of Rwandan strongman Paul Kagame to the United States has been blemished by protests from Rwandans living there. The last report we have is that a mobilization drive through emails, post, phones and other means has been going on to disrupt Kagame’s visit by disgruntled countrymen who think his rule in Kigali leaves a lot to be desired. Kagame is in US where among other engagements he was set to give a public lecture at Oklahoma Christian University.
A group of students at the university does not want Kagame to appear at the campus, saying he is the least fit person for the honour.
We intercepted one of the emails they wrote to university officials on Kagame.

Dear President O'Neal,

We are writing to express our concerns, disappointment, dismay, and  outrage at the University’s invitation at this year’s Commencement of  the Rwanda President, Paul Kagame, as a guest speaker.

Not only has Paul kagame invaded the neighboring County the Congo  causing 6 million deaths, but his ongoing brutality against Rwandan

people disqualifies him as a host of a school like Oklahoma Christian University.

Recently, after a long day of harassment and previous  attempted assault, he arrested an innocent woman, Mrs. Victiorre  Ingabire and released a day later. With the restriction imposed upon her, particularly the freedom to move is a tactic to shut her down.

Ms. Ingabire (pictured) was accused falsely of genocide ideology and divisionism, only because she dared to aspire to run for the office of

president that Kagame holds now. The tensions like those of 1990- 1994 continue to rise.

All opposition party members must be released without delay, political parties must be enrolled for their participation in the August

presidential elections, all human rights must be respected particularly freedom of speech and assembly.

In solidarity with the Rwandan people, we urge you to reconsider your decision to invite him in the future and to urge him to implement the recommendation above mentioned.


Source: 256news
From the US, President Kagame was to head for the Ugandan capital, Kampala for an East African investment conference.

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