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 Editions Sources du Nil  : Livres sur le Rwanda, Burundi, RDCongo

Rwandan Generals arrested over failed coup

20 Avril 2010 , Rédigé par Editions Sources du Nil Publié dans #Justice et Droits de l'homme


Kigali, Rwanda
Sources in Kigali, the capital of the tiny country of Rwanda inform AfroAmerica Network that two generals were arrested on Monday April 19, 2010 night after a batched coup-d’etat. The two generals, Major Genaral Karenzi Karake and Lt General Charles Muhire were among the highest ranking officers within the military junta leading the tiny country.

Since early this year rumors of a coup, followed by provoking speeches by the Rwandan dictator General Paul Kagame have created a climate of heightened tension and violence. Multiple grenade attacks rocked the otherwise calm city, killing a score of people. The US Embassy  in Kigali issued a travel warning against traveling in and around the capital and across the country.  A army mutiny in late March 2010 forced General Paul Kagame to spend a week in Kenya and Burundi on his way back from visiting his son at the  US West Point Military Academy. 

General Paul Kagame was able to return to Rwanda after the mutiny was crushed by the Republican Guard, his security forces. He then challenged the army generals to dare attempting a coup, calling them “excrements” and “useless” before reshuffling the army. 
Lt General Muhire was appointed the Army Reserve Chief of Staff. 

Major General Karenzi Karake led the UN Peacekeeping Forces in Darfur, Sudan before being recalled over accusations of war crimes and genocide  committed between 1994 and 1998 against Rwandan Hutu refugees and Congolese and the killing of Spanish catholic missionaries. Upon his return from Darfour, General Paul Kagame  assigned  him to a position of the director of a military training school for army officers.
©AfroAmerica Network, April 2010

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