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Rwanda: Kagame facilitates killing of political opponent and flies abroad

22 Septembre 2011 , Rédigé par Editions Sources du Nil Publié dans #Justice et Droits de l'homme


Source: The Rising Continent

An attempt of assassination on Eric Nshimyumuremyi was committed on 15/9/11 in Kigali. This criminal act similar to those that Kagame’s government continues to perpetrate against opponents, as political intimidation. [People will remember cases of General Faustin Kayumba Nyamwasa who was closely missed by his assassins in South Africa or the murdered Andre Kagwa Rwisereka, which both occurred last year]. The incident occurred while the Rwandan president was since Saturday 10/9/11 travelling to France and US to gain or renew personal support, since his regime is faced with increasing international disapproval, because of its criminal activities inside and outside the country. 

Last week, exactly on Thursday 15/9/11, Eric Nshimyumuremyi, one of the leaders of PS-Imberakuri political party whose chairman Me Bernard Ntaganda is imprisoned in Rwanda since 24/6/10, was shot twice in the chest by apparently security forces’ operatives. At the time, around 5.00 pm [Rwanda time], he was coming home. His support for the ideals represented by his leader appears to be the motive behind such attempt on his life by Rwandan authorities. Being as well part of the broader opposition family not supporting Kagame’s regime may be part of the reasons he was targeted.

Witnesses of the incident reported that those who came to kill Eric were on a motorbike. Since he was with another person, it emerged that attackers did not try to kill this one. But after the shooting, they apparently surrounded him, probably ensuring he was shot effectively at the right place. They then drove off and left him heavily bleeding. This happened in an area of Kigali called Gikondo [Sodoma locality]. After he was taken to hospital, Central Intelligence Department agents denied access to his family to see him.

The police spokesperson, Spt. Theos Badege, reported to BBC later on that the victim [Eric] was gun down fighting against security forces. Such revelations came as total lies from numerous witnesses and particularly the family. According to the police, Eric carried a bag containing 7 guns and a lot of cash on him when he was caught and shot. The surprise account from the police is unbelievable given that the victim had spent the whole day in court following the case of another politician from the opposition, Victoire Ingabire, leader of FDU-Inkingi who has been in jail since 14/10/10 and whose public hearing started on Monday 05/09/11 in Kigali.

As the court hearing of Ms Victoire Ingabire goes on, Kagame’s government is doing everything to intimidate Rwandans, particularly those from the opposition who follow closely the proceedings. Under such context of harassment and intimidation, numerous examples of miscarriages of justice in her case which are feared to go public through those unhappy against Kagame’s regime would carry on without any unfriendly interferences. And as expected, the accused would then be sentenced according to the will of the regime, and not in line with any crime she may have committed by standing for justice and fairness in Rwanda.

Prior to 2010 Rwandan presidential elections, president Paul Kagame, who gave himself 93% of the votes after killing some members of the opposition, denying them registration of their political parties, imprisoning them, Rwandans thought there was an opportunity for the country to become more democratic. Instead what Kagame offered them was more oppression. He indicated after elections that his regime was a model of African democracy. Though such claim is an insult to those across the black continent who aspire to a better future, which respects fundamental human rights, and guarantees improved standards of living, it should equally become a motive to sustain their determination to fight all ongoing injustices in their respective countries.

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