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 Editions Sources du Nil  : Livres sur le Rwanda, Burundi, RDCongo

RWANDA: Bosco Ntaganda on the run again

9 Avril 2012 , Rédigé par Editions Sources du Nil Publié dans #Justice et Droits de l'homme

Source: Africa Great Lakes Democracy Watch

by Kambale Musavuli, with some comments from CAMARA HANYURWA
Kambale Musavuli
I've been very silent on what is happening in the Kivus not only because lots needed to be corroborated and folks are being hurt. We lost someone again so I can't keep quiet... Something is going on in the Kivus...

Since rebel leader Bosco Ntaganda heard from his sources that his arrest by the Congolese government was imminent, he and his troops left the Congolese army (Note that it has been common practice to integrate rebels in the army in the hope that they won't do the killings anymore. This hasn't worked).

1. The Congolese government last week confirmed through its minister of justice Luzolo that Bosco is going to be arrested.

2. My source shared that Bosco found out about the mission after a call was made by Joseph Kabila to the president of Rwanda, Paul Kagame, to ask for his OK for the arrest of Bosco

Gen Kabarebe and US AFRICOM Commander
3. On April 5th, the US ambassador to the Congo James Entwistle said that "the US government position vis-a-vis Bosco Ntaganda has been clear for a while now: he must be arrested and turned over to the ICC." His press conference coincided with the visit in Kinshasa of the US Commander of AFRICOM, General Carter Ham. I must remind the readers that US is struggling hardto find a place where to set up a US military command unit in Africa (AFRICOM). The Tutsi rulers of Rwanda, Uganda, and DRC are using this opportunity to accept any US demand so that they continue enjoying US support to oppress other tribes found in the region. This is one of the reasons that US supported Gen. Nkunda to invade DRC and kill millions of innocent Congolese without any justice. It is the same reasons why Paul Kagame has never been brought to justice for crimes he committed against Rwandan and Congolese refugees who were fleeing his troops in 1996-2004 where more than 7 million people hs been brutally slaughtered under the watchful eye of USA and international community. As it is visible in the above photo, the warm relationship between Rwandan Tutsis and US government will continue subjecting innocent Africans to torture and oppression for many years to come.
Hillary Clinton and Pr. Rick Warren
4. That same day, April 5, a plane coming from Mbuji Mayi (central Congo) full of soldiers and going to Bukavu had an accident at the same airport, Kavumu, where Katumba Mwanke had an accident and died. What happened is that as it landed the the tires exploded. No soldiers or crew were hurt.

5. CNDP soldiers have taken ammunition, jeeps, guns with them and are in movement in both Kivus (Butembo area, Rutshuru, Masisi, Uvira, etc.) We all hope that things don't escalate too much to another war.

An important thing to know is that even if Bosco Ntaganda is arrested, his financial backers are still out there, notably the Rwandan government, the Rwandan elite, and some Tutsi businessmen such as Tribert Rujigiro who is on the Rwandan Development Board with Americans such as Reverand Rick Warren, Bill Clinton, and banker Joe Ritchie. Rwandans and Congolese people, especially Hutu communities in the region will never forget the in-commemorated massacre they have been subjected too by the Tutsis since 1990s when the US supported the RPF through President Museveni of Uganda and Mwalimu Nyerere of Tanzania. With the coming of AFRICOM to the region then the people of DRC, RWANDA, UGANDA should forget dreaming about any sort of democracy in the region. 

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