Those that don’t know him, might think that we’re just making it up-but not, because its very true. All those close to him today(rwandaise) should consider themselves walking corpses because they’ll be killed like the rest.Kagame has no friend he does not even trust his own children.When you do not agree with RPA human rights violations, then you are suspected of collaborating with the opponents of President Paul Kagame.

Rwanda can be a better place for all Banyarwanda(Hutu,Tutsi and Twa) if Kagame was removed from the picture. Tutsi people will continue to be considered gross human rights abusers as long as Paul Kagame is still on the loose. NOT IN OUR NAME!!
Imagine all those Banyarwanda scattered around the world that are very resourceful but cannot go back home to be killed or labeled genocidals.

Its very pathetic when the apologists of the monster talk of development in rwanda like good infrastracture, etc. Its all cosmetic

because before 1990, anyone that had been to rwanda can testify to you that, already rwanda had the best infrastructure in the region. What they are claiming to be the success story is what the socialist government of Habyarimana had put in place. What is new toady, is a handful of businesses owned by Paul Kagame and his family.

Unless patriotic Rwandans stand up and be counted by uprooting the monster, the world will continue to see you as the same. Remember that ,Paul Kagame is not a god but a brutal coward that never sleeps.

Rwanda Officer Reveals How He Was Sent to Assassinate Gen. Kayumba
Gen Kayumba Nyamwasa


Fugitive Lt. Gen. Faustin Kayumba Nyamwasa could have died two years ago if all had gone as planned by the Kigali  government, according to a senior Rwanda Defense Officer (RDF), now hiding Europe.


According to this RDF officer (names with held) who also escaped to Europe in May 2008 after failing to assassinate Kayumba, he was attached to the Rwanda Presidential Protection Unit (PPU), and he was at the rank of Lieutenant at the time. He was reportedly tasked to assassinate Lt. Gen. Kayumba Nyamwasa on March 2, 2008 who was already ambassador to India by then.

The renegade officer has told us that he was told to shoot Kayumba and that when produced in the Military tribunal to answer for the crime, he would state that Kayumba short-changed him in a deal during the Dr Congo crisis.

The officer regvealed to our reporter that he was to be arrested and jailed for a very short period and after, he was to be helped to get out of the prison. But after consultations, he turned down what his superiors had instructed him to do and he was helped to escape Rwanda and seek out asylum in Europe.

We asked him whether the RDF soldiers who regularly die in a confusing manner are also victims of such machinations by the Kigali regime.

”When you work for the RDF and you lose the confidence of the army, you become a dangerous element, likely to reveal secrets. When you start to foster a hostile environment towards the RPF, you can also make revelations; when you do not agree with RPA human rights violations; when you are suspected of collaborating with the opponents of President Paul Kagame.”

He then revealed some of the assassinations he claimed were committed by his superiors in RDF. These include:

That of Colonel Charles Ngoga who was reportedly assassinated because he competed with the commercial milk market of another top RDF officer. For more than six times, the milk of Colonel Charles Ngoga’s cows was poured right in the middle of the road by guards of the rival officer. Col. Ngoga reportedly met his death through poisoning in his drink when he questioned whether the other senior RDF officer really fought for Rwanda’s freedom when he could not allow free competition in the milk market.

Lt Col. Wilson Rutayisire, also known as Shaban, former ORINFOR director, was shot dead by another Lieutenant-Colonel? on orders from above. He was suspected of being the head of a group of soldiers exiled in Uganda who did not approve of the way Rwanda was being run.

Most of the dead senior officers believed the RPF carrying out massacres so as to put more blame for the crimes on hutus and then work for their extermination.

Major Rachid Mugisha (alias Kyojo) was killed by an injection administered by a Major at the military hospital in
Kanombe. The execution order came from the DMI which received its order from above. It seems that he was assassinated because of his friendship with Captain Serwada, himself assassinated under the pretext he was preparing a war against the RPF. Major Mugisha also caused his assassination by his character as he did not support injustices within the army.

Major Alex Ruzindana was assassinated some time after his demobilization from the RPA. It was claimed that he belonged to the
group of soldiers who were preparing a coup d’etat. He was cut down by a Captain. That it was believed he wanted to carry out a coup d’etat due to the fact that he was openly opposed to the massacres and assassinations of people because of a difference of opinion. He was persuaded that if someone did not stop it, the country would fail.

Major John Birasa and Captain Eddy perished in a planned ambush. The Major was killed because he did not accept the faulty operations of the RPF and an army mercenary. In the years 1993-1994, it was he who was responsible for the logistics of the soldiers who infiltrated Kigali and sowed insecurity in all corners of the country.

Captain S. Kavuma: This officer was demobilized from the RPA because he did not get along any more with the RPF’s methods. On the way to Uganda, he was stopped at Gatuna Border. He was taken to the DMI in Kami and killed using a worn out hoe (agafuni).

Captain David Sabuni: He disapproved of the RPF’s methods, in particular the unfair promotions and nominations at the director
positions in the RDF. He decided to go into exile in Uganda. A military meeting was convened where all the brigade commanders were asked to use all the means at their disposal, in collaboration with the DMI, to repatriate all the soldiers who had exiled themselves in Uganda. Thus, a Colonel was sent to make to make contact with Captain David Sabuni.

When he managed to meet him, he lied to him and said that he had explained the problem to top RDF officers who, also, found it comprehensible. The Colonel invited the Captain to return. Captain Sabuni initially had some hesitations but the Colonel Muganga reassured him by promising that he would personally take care of him. The colonel then sent money to him and the means necessary to return at his discretion. Arriving at Gatuna, the captain was bound by the DMI and assassinated after a lengthy torture.

Shown to want to launch a war against the RPA, Captain Serwanda was killed in the Akagera National Park with his escort. The news was quickly spread that he was killed while trying to organize an armed rebellion in the forest to reverse the capacity of the FPR. But the true reasons of his elimination were completely different. Kigali just wanted to get rid of him.

Lieutenant Aloys Rupari was assassinated in Mulindi (Kanombe) by soldiers of the Republican Guard commanded by a Lieutenant called Bosco who received orders from a Captain Silas. He was killed because he denounced the injustice that characterized the arrests and imprisonment of masses of the population.

Second Lieutenant Dan Ndaruhutse, a bodyguard of Paul Kagame in the Republican Guard, was killed at the same time as another soldier who was suspected of having taken part in a plot. Ndaruhutse had nothing to do with this business. He was killed quite simply because he dared to ask why his fellow-soldiers were killed brutally.

Their killer said that he had been likely to fall on the second lieutenant, because he was required to disclose secrets of the
Republican Guard. The two soldiers were thus assassinated on orders of a certain Captain whose name we are withholding.

Lieutenant Karegeya, who was in the 3rd battalion with the NDT during the war of 1994, was killed by a Lieutenant-Colonel? in Kigali sometime after the end of the war. He was used in espionage carried out in Rwanda and in Kigali in particular. He helped to obtain Rwandan identity cards for RPA soldiers who infiltrated Kigali before the genocide. He did it in collaboration with Captain Charles Karamba, Colonel Lizinde and close relations of Col. Kanyarengwe who were in the administration.

Lieutenant Rwagasana, who spoke English and French, was used as a translator-interpreter for Paul Kagame during the war. He was cut down by a Captain Jimmy. His elimination was explained that he was Hutu, and that he did not have any more confidence in the High Command, that he knew all its correspondences and that he held fundamental information on the assassinations of politicians. His death was described as accidental. He was replaced by Lieutenant Jean-Bosco? Kazura as the translator-interpreter.

Lieutenant Dan Twahirwa was liquidated following the sour remarks he made at the time of his stay in the Kibungo military prison with regards to the High Command of the RPA, the DMI, and the legal military services that imprisoned soldiers unjustly.

Lieutenant Fred Gatumbura was the driver of Paul Kagame for several years and thus, knew many secrets. After losing his credibility in the army following rumours that he had direct family ties with a Hutu (the rumours were reinforced by his relations with a Hutu woman whom he was even going to marry in Kibuye). He was poisoned and everyone was led to believe that he had died of AIDS.

Second Lieutenant Peter Sempa: He was the personal bodyguard of Paul Kagame since the beginning of the war. After being suspected of supporting the counter-cells, one deduced he could reveal to them crucial information.

Lieutenent Jean-Claude? Ruraza belonged to the DMI. He was suspected of not supporting the program to exterminate the population whereas this was the principal task of many DMI officers. The RPA preferred to eliminate him as already described in the part which relates to the war.

Sergeant Nyirumuringa was shot in Kigali at the place where he often went to drink. He had been used against his will to transport corpses and people to be taken out to Nyungwe Forest where they were incinerated. He was killed to prevent him from telling anyone later.