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Museveni: "l'homosexualité, c'est Sodome et Gommorhe"

5 Juin 2010 , Rédigé par Editions Sources du Nil Publié dans #Justice et Droits de l'homme

Ugandans opposed to homosexuality - Museveni

By Ephraim Kasozi & Patience Ahimbisibwe  (email the author), Saturday Monitor


President Museveni yesterday said Ugandans are opposed to homosexuality because it is not part of African culture. Speaking to Christians who gathered to mark the Uganda Martyrs Day at the Anglican shrine in Nakiyanja, President Museveni castigated Europeans for imposing what he called western culture onto African countries.

“Europeans are putting us under pressure because of homosexuality. They think we are against it because of our religious background but even before religion was introduced in the country, we were against homosexuality and any form of sexual abuse,” the President said.
The Martyrs Day is celebrated annually on June 3 in memory of 30 martyrs who died for their faith on the orders of Ssekabaka Mwanga 11 after they refused to denounce the Christian faith.

“The church in Africa is very strong and has been at the fore in fighting homosexuality and moral decadence. We must look for modern ways of instilling discipline in society. The Europeans are finished and if we follow their western culture, we shall be headed for Sodom and Gomorrah (the two places which God destroyed because of sexuality),” he said

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