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Le fonds de commerce "génocide" de Paul Kagame s'est-il retourné contre lui?

3 Février 2011 , Rédigé par Editions Sources du Nil Publié dans #Justice et Droits de l'homme

Comparaison n'est pas raison!!!


Source RNA

Kigali: President Kagame says accusing his troops of Genocide is like saying there was a Genocide against the Nazis of Germany who instead slaughtered Jews – in the latest criticism of the controversial UN Mapping Report.

“First of all it is just an insult that any of our military or any of our institutions got involved in a Genocide, it doesn’t make sense,” said Kagame, looking and sounding irritated, on Al Jazeera TV.

“It’s just like saying that there was a Genocide against the Nazis,” added the President amid laughter.

The Head of State was responding to a question about the UN Mapping Report released in October last year, which alleges that Rwandan soldiers massacred “Hutu refugees” in Congo over a period of 10 years. The 600-page report goes further to say that if the allegations are proved in a court of law, they can be Genocide.

“It is a sign of contempt” on the part of the UN for “Africans or Rwandans,” said Kagame, adding that he doesn’t think it “makes any sense”.

“Our involvement was clear throughout, everything is known…but some of these people who make noise are people who started way back defending Genocidaires: saying there was a double Genocide...”

President Kagame also said that some among the “authors of the report were involved in the Genocide”. He accused them of “parading Genocide ideology.”

In a recent interview, exiled form ambassador to the US Theogene Rudasingwa claimed that indeed the killings happened. Rudasingwa was sentenced by a military court last month, along with other three officials. Rudasingwa says he often had to affirm that Rwandan troops did not do anything in Congo at the US State Department, when they were indeed committing crimes.

Commenting on Rudasingwa’s accusations, President Kagame said: “If he was that clean person as he claims to be today…why dint that person tell them that truth at that time?”

“Why does he start talking about that only when he in trouble with the law? This guy is charged with corruption…a very clear case in Rwanda…”

Describing the four exiled officers as “these fellows you call my former allies,” President Kagame said they begun being critical of government only after the got in trouble with the law.

“There is nobody who started by saying: ‘I want to oppose this government’…’I want to oppose this leader’…’I want to oppose my party’…NO!” 

In a new revelation, President Kagame said Gerald Gahima – one of the four officers, also former Prosecutor General, of getting money from a bank we was meant to investigate.

“This is a fact,” said Kagame emphatically, but did not name the bank.

Dismissing the brand given to these four officers by foreign media such as: “media of opposition” or “leader of opposition,” President Kagame called it a “ridiculous situation”.   

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