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Kagame Reveals Secret To Topple Kabila

23 Juin 2012 , Rédigé par Editions Sources du Nil Publié dans #Actualités

Source: Red Pepper

By Arinaitwe Rugyendo,

In Kigali:

An angry Kagame makes his point during the press conference

Rwandan President Paul Kagame has lifted a lid on elements in the international community who plotted to overthrow President Joseph Kabila of the Democratic Republic of Congo, last year.

Addressing local, regional and international journalists at his Village Urugwiro residence in Kigali yesterday, an angry Kagame chided the double standards game playing out in crisis-stricken Eastern DRC where his army has been accused by sections of the international community of supporting rebels allied to renegade Congolese General Bosco Ntaganda.

“Let me spill some secrets to you,” Kagame started while responding to a question from Red Pepper about his country’s alleged involvement in DRC.

“During the general elections in DRC, this hypocritical international community came to us asking what they should do to Kabila because he wasn’t listening to them. They asked us whether he was a serious president who is prepared to do business with them and if not, if they should remove him. We were surprised. But at the end of the day, he got elected and they now can’t remove him,” Kagame revealed.

The DRC held both presidential and parliamentary elections in November last year in which Kabila was returned as president. And on this, Kagame said Kabila’s victory had created a gap between him and these same elements who, then, started running around the region seeking views on how to sort him out.

 “They now have to finally put up with him because they like Congo more and the Congolese people less. That’s why rapes and ethnic killings are going on there and they can’t solve them. Instead, they are now moving around accusing Rwanda of all sorts of things. Rwanda has nothing to do with Congolese problems,” he said.

Refusing to name names, Kagame further placed blame of the current situation in DRC on their shoulders revealing that their support for the indictment of a Congolese General Bosco Ntaganda by the International Criminal Court (ICC) a means of gaining audience with the Kinshasha leadership, is what has sparked off unrest in the East where rebels linked to him were recently reported by the Human Rights Watch to be supported by Rwanda.

“After failing to access the leadership in Kinshasa, they secured quicker means of achieving that by jumping on the ICC indictment and told the government there that they can help arrest Bosco. And the leadership needed Bosco arrested. That has now created an enterprise of discussion in Kinshasa in which the narrative now is that Rwanda is responsible for Ntaganda. This is really annoying!”

The president who spent much his address explaining the origin and context of the Congolese problem blamed international players in the region of failing to grasp its issues.

“They have had a whole United Nations force in DRC for a long period of time. But what have they done? Nothing completely yet they are spending billions of dollars and blaming Rwanda for their own failures,” he added

Explaining the Congolese problem further, Kagame revealed that the current crisis was created in 2009 when another dissident General Laurent Nkunda who is held in a safe house in Rwanda but whom the Kigali leadership promised to hand over to the DRC authorities, was removed from the country.

Gen. Nkunda, who is now held by Rwandan authorities, was at that time leading a rebellion in the East of the country on account of protecting ethnic Tutsi in Congo.

“Removing Nkunda wasn’t supposed to be the end. It was supposed to kick start a process of solving the governance question in DRC and also some Congolese citizens who were seeking inclusion. This didn’t happen. In the middle of this mess, they talked of arresting Ntanganda who had been integrated in the army. Then they said they couldn’t do it without Rwanda’s consent. Really silly stuff! We have nothing to do with Bosco Ntanganda,” Kagame remarked.

He revealed that Rwanda was getting tired of being unfairly linked to the Congolese problems and warned that a time will be reached where his country will be forced to draw a line.

“Ultimately we will be forced into a situation where we will draw a line,” he said without elaborating and added: “We don’t respond to blackmail. Forget about Ntaganda or Nkunda. We are coming to a point where we will offload this burden and throw it back at them in order to buy our peace. Congo’s problems should stop being our problems. What’s going on in DRC shouldn’t be construed as a problem between DRC and Rwanda but a problem within Congo itself.”

He accused referred to the Human Rights Watch as rubbish for having released a report accusing Rwanda of involvement in DRC and supporting Ntaganda’s rebellion.

“Human Rights Watch is rubbish. Rubish with them! Don’t bring Human Rights Watch in Rwanda. They are rubbish!

He said Rwanda was on talking terms with DRC and all outstanding issues will be resolved.

“Our primary focus is our relationship with Congo so that we build mechanisms of defeating FDLR fighting our government here. We are talking to President Kabila. We have people on the ground in Kinshasha and Congolese officials have been coming here. There are discussions going on hoping that we can have reason to prevail,” he revealed.

Watch out of a full text of this explosive press conference in Sunday Pepper

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