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 Editions Sources du Nil  : Livres sur le Rwanda, Burundi, RDCongo

Ingabire to be released?!!

10 Novembre 2010 , Rédigé par Editions Sources du Nil Publié dans #Justice et Droits de l'homme

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I just learnt that Victoria Ngabire will be released on friday on bail. She is now being represented by Alun Jones QC, one of the most combative lawyers the UK has produced, certainly in the top 5 of UK barristers.. He was at his best in the Pinochet trial when he succeeded in getting the UK courts to accept the concept of universal jurisdiction in crimes involving genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity, ie impunity would no longer be tolerated and any country in the world has jurisdiction to try anyone who has committed these crimes. Alun Jones QC was then acting on behalf of the Spanish government who wanted Pinochet extradited to Spain to face war crimes trials for crimes committed in Chile, not in Spain. Kagame has got a fight on his hands with Alun Jones. He better hire British lawyers because Alun Jones is just going to run roughshod over those Rwandan lawyers and even judges. He is very polite but once he smells blood, that is, the game is as well as over. I don't see why Kagame is going on this disastrous route, but then again it is a shot in the arms for Ingabire. The aim is to expose the Rwandan courts as incompetent and biased, have little understanding of the law and are primarily engaged in political persecution.

George O. Pacu-Otto

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