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Ingabire ne pourra se présenter aux élections qu'en tant que président du parti FDU-Inkingi

25 Juin 2010 , Rédigé par Editions Sources du Nil Publié dans #Rwanda: élections 2010


Kigali, 23rd June 2010


RWANDA: Ms. Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza will campaign as candidate of FDU-Inkingi once her party is registered.

During his interview with journalists from the national broadcaster Radio Rwanda which was aired in today morning news, the representative of the National Electoral Commission – NEC, announced that Mrs Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza, as any Rwandan, could apply to become a presidential candidate. We remind the public that the Chair of FDU-Inkingi is her party flag bearer, and until today the Rwandan government has continuously refused its registration on the basis of false allegations against her, that ironically it cannot bring before the courts.

FDU-Inkingi is a united political coalition of people advocating for democracy; we aim to provide a leadership based on democratic principles, rule of law, solidarity and freedoms. Our presidential candidate will not campaign as an independent. She is our flag bearer and is not after her own interests; she is powered by national highest values along other Rwandans to solve critical issues our country is confronted with.

From March 12th 2010 the FDU-Inkingi has requested several times authorization to hold a constitutional congress as stipulated by party law N° 19/2007 of 04/05/2007 and the Constitution in its clauses n° 16/2003 of 27/06/2003 related to political parties and politicians in Rwanda, until today, the FPR government has categorically refused to grant such permission on grounds of fabricated accusations.

The RPF government has infringed its own-tailored national constitution in its articles which state that Rwanda embraces a multiparty system and every Rwandan has the right to belong to the political party of their choice, by repeatedly denying FDU-Inkingi followers their freedom of association and expression.

Our Chair will submit her candidacy only on a party ticket to challenge and not to back the incumbent. We are waiting for the day the RPF government will remove all the obstacles intimidating Rwandans.

In view of the current political and military crisis fostered by the RPF dictatorship, we draw the attention of Rwanda’s partners and friends on the masquerade character of the looming presidential poll. The election is stage managed by the regime, holding all the rigging instruments in its hands, thus making the whole exercise a mockery of democracy and the rule of law. We strongly request from anyone who can, to do whatever lies in their capacity to get these elections postponed until the playing field is leveled for transparent, free and fair elections. This would include among other things, allowing opposition parties to register and take part in the elections and to have an equal say in the National Electoral Commission. Rwandans will not accept rigged elections.


Secretary General
Sylvain Sibomana

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