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Ouganda: Comment empêcher un Roi de se mêler de politique?!

16 Septembre 2009 , Rédigé par Editions Sources du Nil Publié dans #Actualités

I am not responsible for Buganda crisis -Museveni

Daily Monitor Reporter


President Museveni has said that while he restored the traditional institutions, he is not responsible for the current standoff between the government and the Buganda Kingdom .

The president who was addressing a special session of parliament earlier today said that he only restored the kingdoms for ‘people who cherish monarchies’ and also expected the traditional rulers to follow the constitution instead of indulging in politics.

The Minister of trade, Maj. Gen. Kahinda Otafiire recently blamed president Museveni for the current crisis because he pushed for the restoration of traditional leaders.


Mr Kahiinda said, “We told him [Mr Museveni] not to return these obsolete institutions and he did not listen to us. He begged, he pleaded, he went on his knees and the army grudgingly accepted to return these things and they are now paying him in good currency,” the Trade Minister told journalists.

However, Mr Museveni said the cultural leaders, whom he expected to focus on preserving cultural heritages like language were now promoting ‘chauvinism”.

“Some people like Otafiire have blamed me for begging for the return of the kingdoms. That is true. I persuaded them because many of the lower council members didn’t support the idea. I wanted to cater for the interests of Ugandans that cherish monarchies. What I don’t want is to have anybody under my care who is not happy with the common arrangement for good reason,” the president said.


He added that, “I plead not guilty to Otafiire’s charge that I am responsible for the misbehavior of the traditional institutions.”

He reiterated the need for a cultural law to regulate the cultural institutions.

In his own words:

"We need to strictly enforce the principle of separating cultural institutions from politics through enacting the cultural law."

"There is need to provide in the law that any gifts exceeding a certain magnitude should be declared to a government authority like IGG. Failure should attract penalties."

"In order to stop the kabaka and the Buganda Kingdom from meddling in politics, there should be a meeting of all leaders in the kingdom (Tabamiruka) to give contribution to the way forward."

"NRM government will implement the idea of the regional tier government next financial year without fail. We have waited for too long on this issue and we shall wait no longer"

"The standoff was not just about Kayunga or Buruli tensions, the real issue is whether we should have political kings wielding political authority. This concept is totally rejected by NRM because it is not democratic"

"I don’t care about monarchies. Ankole is thriving without a monarchy. Our view was that those who want it, let them have it as long as they follow the constitution." 

"Its not the duty of kings to decide on land laws or federo. Some of the kings have been contrary to our original agreement. "

"Since Saturday, I have been trying to ring the kabaka again without success. The key for these issues is with him."

"We have got more important challenges affecting the country and we cannot be here talking about kings only"

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