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Le Professeur Munyakazi a gagné contre la chaîne NBC: l'émission "The Wanted" suspendue

27 Août 2009 , Rédigé par Editions Sources du Nil Publié dans #Justice et Droits de l'homme

Kigali: The controversial American TV show launched in July to search for Genocide criminals and international terrorists was forced to end after a bitter public outcry on the way it handled two Rwandan suspects, RNA can exclusively reveal.

Creators of the NBC News ‘The Wanted’ show provoked a media ethics firestorm over the way it confronted Rwandan Prof Leopold Munyakazi in a university class accusing him of taking part in the 1994 mass slaughter. An unnamed Rwandan prosecutor was on the team on that fateful day.

NBC News discontinued the new show after just two series.

Prof. Munyakazi eventually lost his job as the Goucher College he worked for said he was being sought for genocide – which he denies.  

Within the same time frame, ‘The Wanted’ team attacked another youthful suspect Mr. Benoit Kabayiza in New York. Both alleged fugitives - with furious backing from American friends, say the accusations are a witch-hunt by the government in Kigali.

RNA has learnt from emerging reports in the U.S. that the episode involving Prof. Munyakazi raised such a storm of criticism that it was not even aired. The fate of ‘The Wanted’ show was also sealed after it attracted no enthusiasm from viewers of NBC News – one of America’s largest networks.

The premiere on Monday, July 20, drew a scant 2.99 million viewers, fourth among the broadcast networks at 10 p.m., even finishing behind Spanish-language Univision show, according to the New York Observer.  

“The second episode, on Monday, July 27, did even worse, attracting only 2.17 million viewers,” the paper added, pointing out that the “debut was a flop”.

Meanwhile, Rwanda wants the United States to deport Mr. Kabayiza back to face trial. A special unit of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency that focuses on human rights violators has been to Rwanda to investigate the accused and is also looking into Prof. Munyakazi's case. Reports say the investigators have interviewed people in his home village. However, RNA reported from US media in July that U.S. authorities say such investigations "could take months, even years."

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