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Les mains sales: un sommet Museveni-Kabila-Kagame à la Maison Blanche?

27 Août 2009 , Rédigé par Editions Sources du Nil Publié dans #Actualités

Kigali: Former US senior diplomat Jendayi Fraser has urged President Obama to hold a trilateral summit with Rwanda, Uganda and DR Congo if he is serious about his message of “love” for Africa, RNA reports.

Among what the former Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs says are “four quick steps … to translate the rhetoric of love into policies”, Dr. Fraser, as former President Bush's point-women on the conflict-ridden region wants President Obama to hold a summit at the White House with leaders of three countries to end the war in Congo.

Rwandan FDLR rebels are accused of rampaging the east of DRC as well as Uganda LRA rebels in the north east. The two countries were allowed to search for their rebels but the operations ended with mixed results.  

Relations between the three governments remain shaky but improving after more than 10years of war which has left millions of refugees and dead. Rwanda and Uganda have already exchanged envoys with DRC but different quarters remain adamant that the conflict in the east of DRC is ending anytime soon.

“President George W. Bush helped to end the interstate wars among Rwanda, Congo and Uganda by holding individual and trilateral meetings with these leaders. Now Mr. Obama needs to galvanize U.S. efforts to end the militia violence of Rwandan and Ugandan rebel groups still operating in the Congo”, Fraser writes in the Wall Street Journal.

“The Department of Defense in particular must move from assessing to actually training disciplined Congolese soldiers capable of protecting Congolese citizens and defending their territory.”

Sounding wary of the Obama administration rhetoric, Dr. Fraser says “…U.S. policy in Africa is not about love.”

“It’s about advancing America’s core interests: promoting economic growth and development, combating terrorism, and fostering well-governed, stable countries”, she argues.

She wants the US government to place Eritrea on the list of state sponsors of terrorism because of its alleged support for Somali militant group al Shabaab. The former top envoy is also opposed to the planned extension of trade preferences in the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) to all developing countries. She also calls for a halt to the transfer of headquarters of the controversial AFRICOM from Germany to Liberia.

“These four steps, more than any love messages, will signal a real commitment that the mutual interests of the U.S. and Africa will remain strong and secure under the Obama administration,” she points out.

Source: ARI/RNA

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felicien mukalay 10/09/2009 12:40

je suis de l'avis de felicien kanyamibwa. un criminel il faut le traiter comme tel. il y a une instance penale internationale, un sommet de complaisance serait un arrangement a l'amiable qui va flouer le monde. milosevich, saddam hussein, pinochet etc n'ont jamais ete invite a un sommet a la maison blanche> la maison Blanche se reproche-t-elle de quelque chose qu'elle voudrait regler en cachette. qu'il s'agisse de developpement, un sommet tripartite s'explique mais pas de massacre de 6.000.000. des congolais au 21eme siecle que OBAMA se targue de regler a la maison Blanche c'est un precedant grave de consequence pour l'avenir.

Kanyamibwa Félicien 27/08/2009 22:41

The idea of the summit with the dictators who lead Rwanda and Uganda to solve the conflict in the DRC appears flawed and not consistent with Dr. Jendayi Frazer's past advocacy for a tough stance against dictators. I do not think President Bush's summits and individual meetings with Kagame, Museveni and Kabila that Dr. Jendayi Frazer alluded to helped at all. From 2000-2008, we had the warlords Mutebusi, Nkunda, Ntaganda, all supported by Rwanda, wrecking havoc, raping women, recruiting children, and committing war crimes, and mass slaughters of the innocent and defenseless Congolese people.
It is only with the UN Experts Report of December 2008, followed by the decision by Norway, Sweden, and the Netherlands to cut aid to the Government of Kigali that the dictator Kagame was forced to stop its military and financial support to the renegade General Nkunda, and eventually dismantle the CNDP as we know it.
President Obama should not have any summit with General Kagame or Museveni. General Kagame is accused of war crimes, genocide and mass killings of more than 5 millions Congolese. He is under Spanish and French indictments for war crimes and genocide. General Nkunda's CNDP forces, armed, trained, and financed by General Kahame are responsible for war crimes and the rapes. Ms. Clinton heard vivid accounts from the victims of these rapes. It is unfortunate that most of these crimes and rapes happened when Dr. Jendayi Frazer, as Advisor to President Bush and then Assistant Secretary of State, was playing a major role, advising on and then overseeing the US African policy. General Kagame should be treated as a criminal and tried for these crimes.

President Obama should keep his moral high ground and not shake the bloody hands of African dictators. President Obama has a better grasp of African issues and proposes better solutions, as confirmed during Ms. Hillary Clinton's recent trip across Africa. His African policy has more chance of success than the ways advocated by Dr Jendayi Frazer in the Wall Street Journal.

Felicien Kanyamibwa, PhD.