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Le général Nkunda demande à Kagame sa remise en liberté

19 Juillet 2009 , Rédigé par Editions Sources du Nil Publié dans #Justice et Droits de l'homme

Kigali: Six months after he was detained in what his family alleges is “illegal”, former DR Congo rebel General Laurent Nkunda has petitioned President Paul Kagame to personally address his situation, RNA reports.

Through his lawyer Mr. Stephane Bourgon, the General is asking the Head of State, along with the Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Justice and Defence that he is “immediately released”.  

“One would hope that this time, the President and his Ministers will hear my client’s appeal so that Justice may at last triumph in RWANDA and that he be released”, Bourgon said Friday.

President Kagame has maintained that Nkunda is not the problem in the region but the Rwandan FDLR rebels that are roaming the Congolese bushes. The two governments are still working on his possible extradition to a third country. In London, in March, Mr. Kagame said Nkunda was a “guest” of Rwanda.

"I am not confining myself to Nkunda, and the way you are pushing it, it is Nkunda is the problem. We are deciding that when time comes, in the right context. Laurent Nkunda, if you will, is our guest. He has his family to visit him." Mr. Kagame told the BBC’s Stephen Sackur.  

As of next week on July 22, the controversial General will have been in detention six months, following his mysterious arrest in January, according to Kigali, by Rwandan forces after he tried to resist a joint DRC/Rwanda operation to flash out FDLR rebels.

After court in Northern Rwanda dismissed his case saying it was not competent to handle it, General has been moved from his secret prison there to another location in Kigali, according to his family. His wife Mrs. Élysée Maeshe Nkunda was apparently allowed to meet him.

She claims her husband was arrested on January 22 – at a time when he had been invited to attend an official military meeting held at Hotel Belvédère in Gisenyi. She also alleges that Rwanda army Chief of Staff General James Kabarebe himself commanded the arrest.

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